“One of the best I’ve ever worked with.”
Fred Catero, Producer / Engineer

“He is thorough, conscientious, and witty.”
Jeff Cohen, Producer

“Thank you for your soulful concentration.”
Carlos Santana, Artist

“Maintained a travel and convention schedule
that would hospitalize most others.”

Robin Yeager, Producer / Engineer

"A man who could have been great...
only he wasn't very good at it."

General Albert Burkhalter
“Tenacious... he has the capacity for clever,
innovative solutions to client demands.”

John Brady, VP, Hollywood Recording

“Extremely competent... loyal...
a good sense of humor.”

Jim Stern, Producer / Engineer

“A good editor... very anal.”
Kate Sample, Producer, University of Hawaii

“You watch too many movies.”
Shinichi Suzuki, Aikido Instructor

“A good egg.”
Tom Adkins, Camera Operator, ESPN