Who are you?

Drawn to the arts by a passion for black & white photography, Stuart Hirotsu started his media career recording and editing audio.  Along the way he collected a string of credits in album and advertisement work, some good stories, and piles of t-shirts. Working on Grammy & Clio winners provided valuable lessons on crafting media for a national audience.

After a brief stint traveling the world as a support engineer for AMS / Siemens Audio, he developed a peculiar Pavlovian response to airports and sought the tranquility of a tropical island.


Returning to his roots in the visual arts, he founded
Issei Productions to provide creative media services
in video and film production on the island of Maui.

Since then he has earned a reputation among peers
as an inspired shooter, a meticulous editor
and a madman of a workhorse.  

His many hours of air time in martial arts training
has helped elevate his pain threshold, and he can
quote both Hunter Thompson and Homer Simpson
from memory.